Zillertaler Höhenstraße

Panoramic alpine road

The picturesque PlatzlAlm is located right on the breathtaking Zillertaler Höhenstraße, which meanders up above the tree line on the western side of the valley. The curvy panoramic road leads along 48 km up to an elevation of 2,020 m. Gorgeous views of the Zillertal Alps are awaiting you along the 20 km long summit section of the road. 

Originally built in the 1960s as a service road for Alpine pastures and the mountain streams regulation agency, the spectacular panoramic road was eventually opened to all visitors so that locals as well as guests could enjoy the fascinating views of the Zillertal mountains.  

Marmots and edelweiß

Along the beautiful road, you can experience the wonderful natural landscape, in which staffed alpine huts still bear witness to the originality of the area. In the summer months, attentive observers can discover a colorful plant and animal world. It is a wonderful Alpine garden that reflects the botanical diversity of the mountains. Awaiting you on the alpine blossom path are 60 different plant species. 

Only a few curves away from the summits

You can easily travel along the mountain road by motorcycle, car, or travel bus for 10.5 km. From Ried im Zillertal, you can reach an elevation of 1,400 m on a toll road near the Riedbach. In the area between Ried and Ramsau, 4 other access roads lead from the Zillertalstraße up to the panoramic route.  

Rustic huts

Have you worked up an appetite from the fresh Alpine air? Not only the PlatzlAlm but also a handful of other snack stations, huts, and mountain inns invite you to stop for refreshments and enjoy yourself!