Tips for allergy sufferers

Goodbye sneezing!

Various tips and tricks can help you make life with hay fever a little more pleasant. 

Do you live in the countryside? Then you should note the following times when ventilating your home:  

Do you live in the city? Then the following applies:


Make sure that your vacation and recreational activities are adapted to your allergies. Try to avoid smoky areas, for ex. in pubs and restaurants, as well as swimming in highly chlorinated water. Smoke (that is passively consumed) and chlorine irritate the respiratory tract and lead to allergic reactions. 


Leave the windows closed on car rides. Ventilation with a pollen filter is ideal. When traveling by train, you should also look for a compartment where the windows are closed. And don't forget: some antihistamines will make you tired!

Living areas

Carpet, furniture, curtains, bed linens - all these items are excellently suited for binding to pollen and allergens. For dusting, there are special products (see the ECARF allergy seal of approval). In addition: dust collectors such as dried flowers, tapestries, etc. have no place in an allergy sufferer's home! 

Personal hygiene

One advantage of the pollen allergy is that showering and washing your hair in the evening removes pollen particles. Place the clothes you wore outside of your sleeping area. 

For acute respiratory symptoms (asthma attack with an allergic reaction):