Experience the unique wine party of superlatives!

Big Bottle Party

BIG BOTTLE PARTY with Live Music and ShuttleService
Friday 04.08.2023
Begins at 4:30

Reservation is urgently requested.
Ticket for advance reservation 75€
For last minute bookings there are still tickets available at the box office for 85,00 €.
Reservation to info@platzlalm.at

All Inklusive:

Shuttle service departure:
4 pm Hochzillertal valley station
4:10 pm Hotel Platzlhof

Shuttle service return trip:
10 pm Platzlalm

Our lineup for the BIG BOTTLE Party:
Taste top wines from top winemakers from Austria in bulk bottles.

  • Weingut Karl Fritsch
  • Weingut Stiegelmar
  • Weingut Hagn
  • Weingut Lambauer
  • Weingut K&K Kirnbauer
  • Weingut Domaine Pöttelsdorf
  • Weingut Gerhard Deim
  • Weingut Andreas Unger
  • Weingut Schneeweis

Our chef Marcus will take care of your culinary well-being with a flying buffet, every 45 minutes a new delicacy will be served.

  • Bread selection I Salted butter I Chive cream cheese I Lard I
  • PlatzlAlm's spring roll and sweet chili sauce
  • Schlutzkrapfen Grey cheese
    Parmesan I brown butter I wild herbs
  • Small potato rösti
    Home-pickled lime salmon I sour cream herbs
  • Small Ceasar Wrap
    Chicken I romaine lettuce I parmesan I croutons
  • Mini Pulled Pork Burger
    Lettuce I Sour Cream I Cole Slow I BBQ Sauce
  • Apricot Strudel
    Curd cheese puree I vanilla foam

Live music:
The top band Brennholz will accompany you through the evening.

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